Saturday, July 19, 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly

Finally broke my jinx of not posting after 20 days :)

A friend of mine won the Cannes Young Lion contest and she was in Cannes sometimes back. She is an avid blogger as well. Interestingly the very next blog she wrote after coming back was not about the advertising greats she met there or what a great learning place it was. She wrote about the perfect looking people she saw there. “Beautiful faces, perfect figures, fashionable dresses, shoes and accessories. even beautiful dogs.” as she put it. She further wondered what makes people good looking. Can’t be genes, or else how amongst siblings, one looks great and the other, well, not so great, to put it mildly. Years back, a friend of mine came to my place for the first time. When he saw my two elder brothers who are 5’10”-5’11” tall and handsome, he exclaimed, “'your brothers are good looking and tall, how come you look like this?” I said, guess my parents ran out of resources by the time they were making me ( I am youngest of the five siblings).

One of my friends, also an overweight guy, once told me about this incident which happened to him. He was driving and he tried to over take a car and ended up creating a mess of a traffic jam. The guy in the other car looked at him and said, “you shouldn’t be driving, You should be jogging.” and sped off laughing. Sure the kid must have gone and told all his friends about the joke he cracked on ‘the fat bastard’.

Looking like how I do, it’s an everyday battle with people. I know it’s just in good zest but who likes to be in known as ‘that fat guy’ when they are referring to you. Hell, I know I am short, ugly and now fat. But I don’t need constant reminder. Or the worst is when they say, “No…you are not fat, short and ugly. You are CUTE!!” Or SWEET. Now I hate nothing more than those two words. It is comperatively ok if you call me fat and ugly. But please try not to compensate by calling me ‘sweeeeeeeeeeeet”. That’s so urghhhh!! Hell, That’s what you say to describe Danny Devito. So I know what exactly you are reminding me of. So do I need that reminder? Thanks, but no thanks.


Kaushik said...

Eli Wallach stole the show from the lookers (Eastwood and Van Cleef) in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

namchu said...

From one motay to another: Motay hai toh kya hu, dil waale hai!

vimsical said...

@Kaushik: He sure did. Much like The joker in The dark Knight.

@Nima: :D