Monday, August 11, 2008

Jaya He!

Words fail me. A cynic that i am, i didn't think i would see this day. Well, F#@* me!!

India wins it's first Olympic gold ever in individual performance. What an amazing feeling. What a moment!! It's so overwhelming to hear our National Anthem on the international podium, and to see the tricolour hoisted higher than other flags. Thanks, Abhinav Bindra.

I am a believer again. And a little greedy as well. One of my wishes is to watch India play world cup football final one day and sing our National Anthem. I'd die a happy man if i drop dead the next moment.

Thanks again Abhinav. A heartiest pat for your achievement before the Cola and Eye care and other such people corrupt you and turn you into a media circus.

You can watch the moment here


Overthinker said...

Great to see the world stand up on the tune of 'jana gana man'. The nation is proud and hopefully it can spark a few more medlas in the coming years.

Would like to mention one thing Vimal da...his name is ABHINAV BINDRA and not ANUBHAV.

vimsical said...

see, the words did fail me!

Anonymous said...

And I say let his name be Anubhav Bindra henceforth. After all isnt the gold winning moment the 'experience' for all of us. The parental generation saw a lot of Hockey golds . . . this is an anubhav we shall cherish for long. Vikram