Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You Know You Are a Nepali When.....

Ok, this is just for the kick of it. Thanks dipendra for sending it, i added some too. I waited for you to add some of yours, but I couldn't wait to post it(you can always add some). So here it goes...

- You look up when you hear an airplane.

- You point with your lips.

- Whenever you meet someone you ask, “bhaath khaayao? ("Have you had your food?" )

- You meet someone in a movie hall and ask, "cinema herna aayeko?” (Here to watch a movie?”)

- You call all action movies " action pack!!!!"

- You know the three Ds of partying. i.e - dance, drink and dangdung (fist/khukuri fight).

- You think all festivals mean relatives playing cards and getting drunk.

- You cannot drink without chicken chilly and momos.

- You think
chilly chicken and momo are nepali food.

- You are crossing a one way street and you have to check both sides. (debre ani daine)

- You get annoyed when people think you are from Nepal.

- Your relatives give you money whenever you visit them. ( even when you are 40)

- You sing or atleast hum “Ghaam paani, ghaam paani…” everytime it drizzles while the sun’s still shining. ( even when you are 80)

- When you see a pair of slippers upside down (ulta chappal) you have to turn it around.

- You don't cut your nails at night. (Lest the devil take you and your family)

- You feel you haven’t eaten if you haven’t had Bhaath (rice).

- You are not allowed to hum or sing while eating.

- You laugh at everything on Nepali TV but you still watch it.

- You dont know that the buff you have been eating is actually short for buffalo.

- You have been dragged to a mandir on saraswati puja so that you will get good grades.

- You are afraid to step on any paper, or pen (You don't want to piss off Saraswati and flunk an exam).

- Your grandmum doesnt let you whistle at night.

- You can’t date someone if you are not in love.

- You Know who Humjayaga is.

- You watch Korean movie and try to act like you’re in one.

- You miss those mountains you used to see the moment you opened your eyes in the morning.

- You go out for lunch/ dinner/ whatever in a group and look at the menu for half an hour and order:
1. momo
2. chowmein
3. fried rice
4. chilly

- You think of titaura and your saliva glands go wild!!

- You miss wai wai ,churpi and tituara almost any given day.

- You are good at drunk driving, especially if it's bad mountain roads.

- Your conversation with any Nepali you just met always ends up being an interview to unearth the degree of association with this person. (eh...Ghar ka?? gangtok? Tyeso bhaye timi xyz lai chinchhau??)
- 90% of the time you end up knowing someone who knows someone who knows the person.
- The remaining 10% of the time the person is your relative.

- You think cats are evil.

- You feel obligated to pay for everyone else when eating out with your friends.

- Your non-nepali friends in primary school earnestly asked you if you know karate and if you ate cockroaches for dinner.

- Your American friends ask you if you have climbed mount Everest.

- You probably haven't even seen mount Everest.

- Your favorite Hollywood actress used to be Phoebe Cates

- You pronounce Phoebe Cates as "fobee cyats"

- You love the pungent, fermented smell of pickled bamboo shoots (tama) and dried and aged vegetable leaves (gundruk) + you are drooling at the thought right now.


Dipendra said...

Hey... received a few more... loved the billboard part... reminded me of "Lado Sarai"... haha

You greet your friends saying ‘Yess bro!!’ even though there seems to be no logical or grammatical justification to the phrase.

You can literally ask whether someone would like to ‘EAT WATER’!! (eg. Paani Khane??) or Booze!!! (Raksi khane??) or even a KICK (Laat khanu manparyo??)

You know what ‘ALOO DUM’ is and you have definitely tasted it!!
And you would rather stand outside in the cold and relish Aloo dum (which btw you think is the best potato delicacy in the universe) than to go in an air conditioned MacD’s right across the street and have burger & fries.

You try to look elsewhere when you see a pretty female heading ur way

99% of your friends sport one of the following hair styles: spikes, long hair or middle parting. The remaining 1% are bald.

You tend to take a bow whenever you shake hands with someone new. With both hands.

You will laugh when you read the following on a billboard: ‘Great Condo for sale in Palm Beach for you and your family’

3 out of ur 5 friends can play guitar… the remaining two have also given it a try at some point or the other.

The words ‘Maradona’ and ‘Pele’ were one of the first words you uttered since you learnt how to speak.

All your friends have an opinion on football.

The moment you’re a floor over the Ground Floor (preferably on a balcony) you tend to look down and SPIT

vimsical said...

@Dipendra: This is getting better and better!! Keep em coming!

Anirban Mahapatra said...

1. You refer to chow mein as 'chhow chhow'

2. You can play air guitar like Slash (and the real guitar like your 43 other classmates)

3. The one song you are requested to play in Delhi/Bombay weekend parties is 'Mussu Mussu Haasi'

4. Have, at some point of time, owned a Van Halen or Metallica towel (you know what this is, don't you?)

5. Have gone jeans shopping at Hong Kong Market

6. Look up to Hamjayga like he was your very own Nepali Pedro

7. Can effortlessly hang from the back of a djonga moving at the speed of light

8. Say a-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma every time you want to express genuine surprise

9. Say Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa every time you're screwed

10. Wanted to be a rock star when you were in fifth grade

I could go on... and I'm not even a Nepali!!! :D

vimsical said...

@Anirban: well, you just got baptised into one!

Goldbug said...

waiting for a new post!!