Sunday, January 16, 2011

This Truman Show

Today, The Truman Show was on tv again and I ended up watching it again. I quite like the film. Well, I woudn’t call it one of my most favourite films, but I love the completely original idea of the film.

As you would know it is the story of a reality tv star called Truman Burbank, played by Jim Carrey. The scary part is that his entire life is THE reality tv. Everything he does is watched by millions of audiences worlwide. Whether he's eating, sleeping, heading off to work or visiting the loo, the world is watching – and he doesn't even know it. At least, not at first.

Since birth, Truman has been brought up inside a giant Hollywood dome, inside of which is the made-for-TV town of Seahaven. Everyone he knows – his neighbours, his workmates, his parents, his wife, and even his best friend since childhood – are actors hired by media mogul Christof,( brilliantly played by Ed Harris) for the planet's biggest and most intricate one-man reality show.

Towards the end, he smells something fishy and subsequently plans his escape.

The story is fascinating. And scarily unnerving too. The insecure person that I am, I have forever doubted if my life is a reality tv. What if I’m live entertainment? mundane but entertaining to some. What if all this is make-believe. What if my mother is a brilliant actor, so are my siblings.What if priti actually hates the fat, short and ugly me but sticks to the role brilliantly, day after day. What if my friends deliver their lines, do their part brilliantly, switch off the light and go do the same scene brilliantly in some other set. And for all i know, they’re getting awards for their performance. But I don’t have a clue. Nobody awards me. I’m the lead character, am I not! Maybe they are stocking my best lead award, year after year, but I don’t think I’ll ever see them.

The thing is that we always accept the reality of our surroundings without question. Maybe there’s more to it than I know. At times, it all seems like it is the case. And if it is, then I hope I’m a good entertainer and you’re having a good time.


Blue Moon said...

great writing!
have to watch the movie.

Overthinker said...

try going to Fiji and you shall find out the truth!!

Blue Moon said...

I think the point is should we accept the reality of our surroundings without question? Blind faith in the illusion called life?

roshni said...

Dammit Kamal, how did you find out? CUT... Pack up people!

vimsical said...

@Nikita: ya, u shud...not a bad watch

@Varun: Fiji? what is that?

@Rashmi: If it wasn't for your bad acting, rashmi... ;)

Tanisha said...

you're not fat short and ugly