Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two and a Half Men

Most religions are based on the concept of one divine power or God. And in most of them, three entities represent that one divine force. The Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv is central to hindu mythology or belief system, so is the idea of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost in Christianity. My knowledge is pretty limited in the subject but i'd read somewhere that even Greek and Egyptian mythology too mention the concept of holy trinity.

The idea of trinity is a world in itself. It’s the politics of life on earth. it's how every story unfolds, like every story has a beginning, the middle and the end. Everybody's got to play their part in this play, and play it right. So, according to Hindu trinity - Brahma is associated with creation or beginning, Vishnu is associated with life and it's maintenance and finally Shiv is associated with end or destruction.

They say god created man in his own image. I absolutely agree with that. So if you thing about it, nothing much has changed over millions of years. Men are still the image of trinity. If you want and if you please, you can pretty much categories most men of the world into these three categories. And you can pretty much categories the women who go for these men as lakshmi, parvati and saraswati.

Ok yeah, you'd say saraswati was supposed to be Brahma's daughter so we cannot call them a couple and yadayadayada, but then again, legend has it that he was so enamored by her that he supposedly grew heads on all sides to be able see her wherever she went. The dude had to lose his fifth head when he tried looking up. I swear to god, i'm not making this up. Check your mythology on Brahma and you’ll know what I’m talking about. So yeah, they were forever together. One of the earliest example of older professor-young student admiration club thingy, i guess. The world has a huge respect for brahma character and rightly so. He's the Creator dude. The scientists, the scholars, the intellectuals, the artists, the nerds and all. Dudes who start a thing, maybe turn it into a movement and then rule the world. And they got the babes! And money, a lot of it, if you happen to be a jewish nerd.

Then of course there's the Vishnu. The Maintenance guy. The metrosexual. The MBA. The corporate lawyer. And an occasional advertising guy. The squeaky clean guy who every girl wants to take home to mama. The man with all the boxes ticked right. The smartass who runs the show smoothly. the man of the world. And all the lakshmis love him. He’s such a MAN, you know!

Shiv gets the worst deal. I mean, it's not funny when you're reduced to a destroyer, or worse still, to a dick! The good for nothing, lazy, uncompetitive, loner guy. The destroyer. Some guys don't like to work, they like to smoke up and while away their time (read meditate) but you guys wouldn't have it other ways till you try and make a vishnu of that guy. 'He's so passionate, he's such a good lover, such a good boyfriend material, sister...but he's SO irresponsible. I doubt if he'll ever become a good husband and a good father. For all you know he will chop off my son's head and try to replace it with an elephant's. I love him , but i am so scared he's wasting away his life.' you get a life, sister! boo you!

So yeah, you Brahmas and the vishnus, agree that you rule the world. but you know what, you need this shiv guy to validate your existence. . You could be the makers and the rules but you're nothing without a guy who's ever threatening to destroy what you got. You need the bad ass to make you look good. You can't do without him so let's get on with it.


namchu said...

welcome back.

Aparajita said...

Hey Vimal that was insightful, so who do u represent?

suburbianqueen said...

I think I'll go with Shiva anyday....kinda interesting!!!...all rage and no responsibility...but then I have no taste in men...:(

Overthinker said...

My knowledge about our gods and their respective designated jobs is as deep as specimen cup.

But then the points you made triggered a thought process in my head which basically turns your theory around.
You said God made man as an image of himself. I say what if man made god as an image of himself? Man creates. check. Man maintains. check. Man kills. Double check.

So isn't god a figment of human imagination?

I am an atheist who was talked heavily into being agnostic. I have a firm belief that god is man's best creation. There will be no better, more overpowering and fearful invention ever. The thought of a supreme being watching over you, ready to punish you for all your sins is a bit too naive for my thinking.
The god that has been portrayed and written about in our gospels doesn't seem to be the one running the show on earth. Because, this place is going deeper and deeper into chaos. The man with the script seems to have lost the plot a bit.

Or maybe, god is a woman. ;)

P.s. I love women! God? Not sure!

Tanisha said...

given a lot of thought before embarking upon the 'leave your comment' space! I love the notion of the 3 different archetypal guys on earth and their semblance to the Indian 'holy trinity' if you may say...but I feel that Shiv and Brahma have the rough ends of the stick...I think you side with krishna...(is it because you're the 'krishna equivalent'? :P)...and I know you have more to add on to your post!

vimsical said...


@aparajita: I'm trishanku

@arpita: you said it ;)

@varun: ok, your argument is way too intelligent for me. Blaming a higher power for the way i turned out is the easiest explaination i can think of. So no, to me i am very much god's figment of imagination and not the other way round ;)

@tanisha: handsome face. check.
robust body. check
charming quotient. check.
high intelligence. check.

yeah, i am krishna :P

Roshni said...

What? I thought you were going to write about Charlie Sheen, Alan Harper and Jake. :\